Thank You!

ROC would like to thank everyone who attended, and especially those who volunteered!

We hope everyone had a good time, and if ROC is afforded the opportunity to host future Tripoli events, that you come out have a good, safe, rocketry experience with us!

A Few More TRA Banquet Tickets Available

A few more tickets for the TRA Banquet have become available.

Check at Registration.

Please note that the tickets are required for dinner, whichbstarts at 6:30PM.

The TRA member meeting, including guest speaker are free, and start at 7:30PM.

High-Altitude Window Delays

The FAA has advised us (this morning) that they will need a 30 minute advance notice for high-altitude call in windows.

If you plan on flying above 14,500 feet above ground level, please allow for 30 minutes delay to get clearance from the FAA.

Due to recent changes the FAA is required to issue a TFR for our area for any flights above 15,000 feet AGL, and the added steps required take them a bit more time.

T-1hour! Activity is ramping up!

Both on the lakebed and on Facebook, things are ramping up!

Launching is scheduled to begin at 9:00 AM PDT, which is just about 1 hour from now!

If you are posting photos or video to social media, please use #LDRS35 so the rest of us can enjoy them too!

Prepare for the Lakebed Weather!

Wednesday day should see a high temperature over 100°F. Then it should “cool down” to about 90°F highs on the weekend. The humidity will probably range from high single digits to about 20%. Protection from the Sun and hydration will be very important!