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Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships, 35

Was held June 8 to 12, 2016

For LDRS 40, go to ldrs40.org

LDRS is the annual high power launch for the Tripoli Rocketry Association.

LDRS 35 was the fourth LDRS hosted by the Rocketry Organization of California (ROC), and the third held at Lucerne Dry Lake Bed. Our launch site is conveniently located for much of Southern California, and easy to get to from either Interstate 15 or 40 if you are driving in from out of state.

When not hosting LDRS, ROC holds a launch the second Saturday of each month on Lucerne Dry Lake. For more information about us please visit:

Tripoli Rocketry Association is an international group for rocketry enthusiasts. TRA publishes safety information and promotes the safe enjoyment of hobby rocketry. There is additional information about TRA, including how to become a member, online at: Tripoli Rocketry Association